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Handwriting Institute India

The first building block to Handwriting Institute India was laid down in 1999.

The founder & Director, Mr. Rafiullah Baig had himself graduated as the first, youngest and the only Certified Handwriting Analyst from India in 1998 from Handwriting University International, U.S.A. Handwriting Institute India is authentically his child.

The caretaker to the precious possession is managed by Mr. Imran Baig, Director, Handwriting Institute India, equally shouldering the responsibilities of the institute ever since its establishment. The growth of this institute is the result of arduous efforts of this man, who certified as one of the youngest Certified Handwriting analyst from the 1st batch in India.

Back then; Handwriting Analysis was a concept that seemed bizarre to anyone who heard anything about it. Yet, the results that Mr. Rafiullah Baig had experienced in his own were so convincing that he grounded himself to the establishment and growth of Handwriting Institute India even under these completely challenging circumstances.


The Institute made its debutante in India with the corporate sector. Introductory Seminars were conducted for companies just to create an awareness of the science. Various educational institutions closely followed the corporate sector. And to reach out on an even larger scale, seminars were also conducted for the public. The motive was very clear… People needed to know the potential that this science had.

The response to the seminars was varied. Most of them were sceptical. And there were others who were eager as ever. “People kept asking for services,” Mr. Baig remarks, “We told them that we don’t have any at the moment.”

The first workshop on Handwriting Analysis & Grapho-therapy was conducted after an awaited long year in 2000. People were so absorbed with the power of self-discovery, that it left them thirsting for more. There was a definite proclivity that propelled us to the next level without wasting any time.

The crowning glory followed in 2002, when Handwriting Institute India got authorized under Handwriting University International as the only training centre for Handwriting Analysts outside the parent campus in USA.

There were doubts on the level of receptivity of the International Certification Course in Handwriting Analysis. These barriers were broken soon after, in 2004, when the first batch of Certified Handwriting Analysts graduated from India.

The first batch had 24 students, as young as 16 years and as qualified as a Scientist. But they all had a feather to their cap. They were all Certified Handwriting Analysts. We also created a record for Certifying the highest number of Handwriting Analysts in the world that year and every year after that……

Now our reach is spread across 15 different cities in India. We have students from other countries doing the course with online support from us. Our Mega Seminars accommodate a minimum of 600-700 people at a time.

Mr. Rafiullah Baig, who is also a Memory Expert, has this unconditional commitment towards making a difference in the society. And he strongly believes the future is in the hands of the young children.

Thus, he also chose to provide them with World Class Training in developing themselves to become Champions..! Handwriting Institute India offers a unique program for children on “Memory, Handwriting & Total Personality Development”.

Apart from the training programs for individuals, Handwriting Institute India has been offering its services to a large corporate clientele that includes Healthscribe India Pvt. Ltd, Zydus Recon Health Care Ltd, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, Café Coffee Day, & many more……..

Instead of only hiring and dismissal, with the help of Handwriting Analysis, we have been able to get these companies, “Right Person for the Right Job”…!!

We realize that helping people help themselves is the best thing this science can do. A very wise man said, “I have miles to go before I sleep.” We at Handwriting Institute India believe the same. Infinity is a standard we set for our self and we strive to reach it…. For us growth has no limitations…

We are committed to make a difference in every life...!!

Rafiullah Baig

Success Coach & Director


One moment, One Decision Can Change Your Life Forever....!!!

Your one meeting with this gentleman can be the turning point of your life. At an age when it was still time for him to enjoy life, he chose to contribute to other’s life....

His Dream became his Willingness and his Willingness his Passion...

Almost 20 years ago, when Rafiullah Baig conducted his first training session, ever since then, he was determined to reach out to the students to make them Champions, to bring in the belief in them that they are Genius.

Mr. Baig is a Memory Expert with a rich experience of training students into “Improving Memory & Study Skills”

As many as lakhs of students have changed their perception towards studying and have been outperforming their own standards and expectations....

Mr. Baig sincerely believes that it is not the rank students but those with mediocre marks or even those with below average marks should be a part of his training sessions.... And he has to his credit, to change many students from mediocre to distinction scorers..!!!


Learning and age are never equal to each other! Even when Mr. Rafiullah Baig was a successful trainer as a Memory Expert, he underwent training in Handwriting Analysis and Grapho-therapy and in the year 1998 became the first Indian to be a Certified Handwriting Analyst from Handwriting University International, USA.This achievement added a Special Feather to his Cap and now his Training was not limited to students only... He is now also admired as a Handwriting Expert and with Grapho-therapy has changed many more lives...!!!!!

India’s No. 1 Handwriting Expert, A Memory Expert, Mr. Baig is also a Body Language and NLP expert... Sir has been conducting workshops on various other aspects like Goal Setting, Time Management, Parenting Health and Wealth Management.

Mr. Rafiullah Baig is frequently invited as a Member of Panel of Discussion and to Judge Events of Fest conducted at National Levels by schools and colleges like the Christ University, Mount Carmel College, Jain University, St. Josephs and many more.

Mass Media Veteran

A Handwriting and Memory Expert, he has to his honour of being featured by almost all leading newspaper of the Country, be it “The Times of India, The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Bangalore Mirror, The Statesman, Deccan Chronicle, etc” and also in topmost magazines like “The India Today”.

Mr. Baig has directly transformed lives of as many as 10 lakhs viewers through his television programs that are aired every week for a minimum of 15 minutes to 30 minutes of each show. He has captured thousands of hearts with his presence on prominent channels like the TV9, Suvarna 24x7, News9 Samaya News... And on the Radio Channels as well...

His interviews and work has also been featured in leading national television channels like Aaj Tak and Zee Headlines.

With the immense contributions he has made to the society, Mr. Rafiullah Baig has been conferred the Kempegowda Rajya Prashasthi by the Karnataka State Government.

Mr. Rafiullah Baig has won thousands of heart with his work and his personality. He firmly believes that we are born “Unique, Special and we are a Master’s-piece” and “Our Best is Yet to Come”.

Imran Baig



A young, dynamic personality educationally qualified as a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) Graduate has this unique ability of understanding humans better than machines.

Imran Baig, is a Certified Handwriting Analyst and had the privilege of graduating from the first ever batch in India way back in 2004.

With more than a decade now to have understood human behaviour, he has specialized in understanding child psychology. Soon after getting certified as a Handwriting Analyst, Mr. Imran took up the subject of understanding children and using “Handwriting” as a medium to contribute to making a difference in their lives...

This initiative of his led to the creation of a Program called “Handwriting Development & Grapho-therapy” for children.

Developing the program was not a day’s task... It is the outcome of this gentleman’s intense research. He took sufficient time in understanding the behaviour of the child at different situations, meeting up with principals and teachers in schools, and of course the parents.



A huge amount of study, investigation and examination was done to bring out this beautifully designed program for children to support them develop and mould their personalities.

Imran Baig has also done an “Advanced” study in Handwriting Analysis which gives him the credibility to support people in knowing about their “Health through Handwriting”. And to his honour he has had some very important case studies to help individuals taking the measurable steps at the right time.

He is the trainer for the “Certification Course” that the Institute offers and every Certified Handwriting Analyst owes to Sir the understanding they have about the science.

His interviews emphasizing on the “Importance of Handwriting” and other information have been published in leading newspapers of the country.

Mr. Imran is frequently invited as a Guest Lecturer in Educational Institutes like Christ University, IIM Bangalore and by Corporate Houses like IBM, DELL, Accenture and many more to share about the Importance and Benefit of Handwriting. He has also been invited by the Rotary Club of Bangalore to share his knowledge about the wonders of Handwriting Analysis & Grapho-therapy...!!

Despite abundance of knowledge in the subject, Mr. Imran prefers to call himself a student as he believes that this title would allow him to learn further...!