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Excel – Be a Champion Student!

A Specially designed program for children from 4th Standard to 2nd PU to train them in understanding that Memory cannot be good or bad. What exists is “Trained” or “Untrained” Memory.

It is not important what you have studied; it is very important what you remember of what you have studied.

Excel focuses on giving children a belief that they are born unique, they need not compare themselves with anybody around as the real competition is with themselves.

This program trains the children to be ready to participate and give their best in everything they do...

Something important that children learn here is to Study Sharp and not Hard! The program is designed in a manner that students understand the different ways of studying, making the entire process more fun-loving and enjoying instead of considering it as a burden.

Excel focuses on the holistic development of the child and prepares them to excel in all aspects of life with an idea of long term achievement.

  • Excel

The beginner’s level that focuses on the studying skills and techniques of understanding different subjects, time management & goals, physical fitness and much more....

  • Improve your Memory
  • Improve your Study Skills
  • How to Prepare & Face Exams
  • Manage Difficult Subjects
  • Time Management
  • Physical Training (Areobics)
  • Athletics
  • Creative Visualization
  • Goal Settings
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership Training

On one Sunday lazy afternoon on 11/11/2012 my parents took me to Vasavi Vidyaniketan for Sem-inar on handwriting along with my brother. We went with them to the seminar and were clueless as to what was in store for us. We were spellbound by the performance given by some of the students in handwriting seminar with their memory power. My parents also wanted me to hone these skills and that's how I got introduced to the esteemed organization, "Handwriting Institute India" and got enrolled for handwriting course.


In the beginning my parents were skeptical about the usefulness of the course in my studies. Their comfort level improved as we traversed through different levels of Graphotherapy. Each passing day I started enjoying my classes.


My Graphotherapy instructor, Mrs. Rukmini has played a very crucial role in guiding me through this journey with her teaching skills in this science. She was always by my side whenever I required support and played a crucial role in successful completion of the course.


I am very proud to be part of prestigious Excelian club, my special thanks to Rafi sir who made all his classes very interesting by stressing on the concept of "learning from Heart" and made learning enjoyable. The skill sets which was taught in five-day workshop has made me change for better. It was a cherished moment in my life when I secured the gold medal for mechanical chart competition which was appreciated by one and all. This could only be possible with training imparted by Rafi sir. It was whole new experience learning new set of learning techniques like Linking, pegging, mechanical and pneumonic methods.


I now enjoy my studies, learning from heart.

IXth Std,Sri Vani Education Center


Before joining Handwriting Institute India, I was a weak student, concentration was less and my handwriting was so horrible that even I could not understand my own handwriting. My teachers used to complain about my handwriting to my parents. My father read about Handwriting Institute India in the newspaper and attended the seminar along with me.


I joined graphotherapy classes at Kora-mangala with Uma Mam as the graphotherapy instructor. My handwriting changed so much that even I was surprised by the new legible handwriting. Initially, I scored 70% but with the improved hand-writing, I am scoring 75+%. I had lot of fun in the class. I also did my Excel workshop in October 2012 and I enjoyed a lot with Rafi sir. I learnt a lot of techniques to improve my memory. I am using these techniques in my studies and in my 3rd monthly test, I have scored 84.34% and I am the 2nd topper of the class. I have overcome my stage fear and now confidently display my memory skill in front of live audience during seminars.


My thanks to my parents for enrolling me in these courses and also to Rafi sir for making learning fun!!!

VIII Std, 13 Years / Shantiniketan Educational Institution

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