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Handwriting Analysis & Grapho-therapy is a beautiful program designed to identify one’s personality through Handwriting and bringing in the required changes using Grapho-therapy.

The Institute offers this program for individuals above 18 years of age. No specific educational qualification required. Only reading and writing in English and the desire to change your life is vital.

The Institute offers this program in 3 levels…

Level 1 and 2 together forming the beginner’s course

This is a 3 days and 2 evenings training program that will train you in identifying 80 different personality traits through your handwriting. Not only this, you will also learn to eliminate traits you do not want and inculcate the ones you want in your personality through Grapho-therapy, the scientific method of writing!! Also, you will learn the difference between Handwriting and Signature Analysis… About Memory Skills, Goal Setting, Time Management, Relationships, About Being Unique & a Holistic Development… This training program is for your life… You will carve for yourself a whole new positive personality in these 5 days of training. We promise that you will always cherish these days of your life!! This level of training focuses with the Individual learning the skill for himself/herself and get the best out this science. P.S. The training program is available in Bangalore for now and there is no home-study package for this level of training.

Level 3 – The Certification Course

Certification Course, the Level 3 of the curriculum, is a completely home study package, but Handwriting Institute India believes that it can always improvise on the services it provides to its students. This is why we started with the Live Classes for Certification Course Students…. And here we go beyond the material, do case studies, have lots of fun…. And, support you in becoming A Certified Handwriting Analyst par excellence! The Certification Course is designed to be completed in about 4 month’s time! It also includes 3 intensive rounds of examination, on successful completion of which, the students earn for themselves with a Certificate the title “Internationally Recognised Certified Handwriting Analyst” The syllabus doubles from that of Level 1 and 2. And, there is no direct enrolment for Level 3. Only those completed the Level 1 and 2 with us qualify for the same. P.S. Participants from outside the city of Bangalore can opt for online classes and continue with the learning. The examination procedure will also be through online mode.

Level 1 and 2

Saturday (Full Day), Sunday (Full Day), Monday (Evening), Tuesday (Evening) of a week followed by another Saturday Session of the coming week

Level 3

4 months with 10 intensive sessions once each week(Evening)

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I am Priya Muralidharan, a Certification Course student. I did my workshop in September 2012 and immediately continued with my certification course.


My 2 kids are doing their graphotherapy course from Koramangala branch under the guidance of Ms. Uma Harikrishnan. She was the one who inspired me to take up the course. During the workshop, I discovered one of my strengths; that of organizational ability which I didn't know existed in me. I now wait for each session in the certification course so that I can learn new ways of analyzing the handwriting.


This course is helping me to know my kids even better and try to correct certain alphabets which will have a positive impact on them. I am able to accept certain relationships the way they are. It is really interesting to learn this science and improve ourselves to get better results in our life.

- Priya Muralidharan


I am working as a Central Government Employee in Ministry of Statistics. My husband is a businessman and we are blessed with two good children. I completed my handwriting analysis workshop in the month of December 2012.


Now, I know certainly that the participation in the workshop has surely changed my lifestyle and outlook towards life. I did the workshop firstly to analyze people around me and secondly to make my life better by knowing more about my cute kids.


I am undergoing the International Certification Course in Handwriting Analysis, which will authorize me to give graphotherapy.


Suma After I started analyzing handwritings, people were amazed how I could read their inner feelings, thoughts and fears. I got my first appreciation from my husband, sisters and my close friend for analyzing their handwritings and they are the ones who encouraged me to go ahead in analyzing handwritings of others. Of course, the nod of approval in analyzing the handwriting from my RAFI sir was my stepping stone. No looking back from that day onwards. This was like a breakthrough in my life which I think was waiting for me. I feel so empowered with this science of analyzing handwriting. Hats off to my teacher RAFI sir.
Now, I am so happy analyzing handwriting of unknown persons and suggest that through graphotherapy they can change their life for a better tomorrow. I feel like I am spreading goodness and love to all. I learnt this attitude of selfless love from my coach RAFI sir. My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to my guru and guide RAFI sir. May God give you all the strength in the world to spread this science of handwriting in your blessed way.

- Suma

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