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For many children (and even adults) handwriting has only two categories – good or bad. And it must be surprising to know that “good and bad” handwriting does not exist. What exists is “legible and illegible” handwriting.

Handwriting is important to children because good handwriting brings them more marks. Meaning, a child who writes legibly and his/her answers could be read easily by the teacher will score more marks than the student who’s writing is lesser legible than the former irrespective of the answer being correct.

This is the mind-set with which most parents are and insist on their child learning cursive handwriting to improve their style. However, what is important for the child is to get the right formation of letters which would be of their use all throughout than the style of the writing which invariably would change with the age.

And to focus on the formation of the writing with other important aspects as well, we use a different form of writing called “Grapho-therapy”

Is it really possible to improve your life simply by changing your penmanship?   The answer is an emphatic “Yes, Absolutely!”  It really is that simple.  This technique for self-improvement is called Grapho-Therapy.


Grapho-Therapy is the scientific method of writing which alters the stroke formation to bring about a required change in your personality... Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life..!!


It is a form of reverse psychology accomplished through handwriting exercises specifically designed to bring about more desirable personality traits.


How is the program on “Handwriting Development & Grapho-Therapy” different from a cursive writing program?


Handwriting Development & Grapho-therapy Program focuses on 5 major aspects of writing –

  1. Formation of strokes and letters
  2. The spacing between the letters and words
  3. The zones in the writing
  4. Connectivity of Letters & Speed of the writing
  5. The positioning of the pen, paper and body.


Unlike cursive handwriting which is the same style book for all students, Handwriting Development and Grapho-therapy program focuses on the individual requirement of the child.


For example, a child may be writing neatly and legibly but requires improving upon the speed, then a set of Grapho-therapy strokes are focused upon. Similarly some may need to form the three zones in the writing clearly (upper zone, middle zone and lower zone) and for this another set of strokes are practised more.


Thus program is not generalised but customised as per the need of the child.


Unlike cursive writing, it is not just about filling the pages but with every letter that the child writes he/she focuses on the many aspects of writing.


Because Grapho-therapy is an important aspect of this program, it is not only the legibility factor of the writing that changes but also the –

  • Concentration Ability of the Child
  • Memory and Study Skills
  • Enhances Self Esteem and boosts Self – Confidence
  • Improves Grades in Examination
  • A Holistic Development for the Child.


We believe that this program moulds the child’s personality forever.


This Program is designed for Children from 6 years to 18 years of age.

The beauty of this program is that there is no batch system that we follow, since individual attention is provided to each child, he/she may enrol for the program at any point of time.

However, we do follow particular timings which shall be required to adhere to.

The program is designed to be completed in 2 months time, yet, also depends on the individual child. (2 months shall be calculated from the date of first session).

Centres for the Handwriting Development Program

Malleshwaram #176, 1st Floor, Sneha Gowri Enclaves,10th Cross, Sampige Road, Bangalore - 03
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Indiranagar Cauvery School, Double Road, Indiranagar 2nd Stage,Bangalore - 38
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Vidyaranapura Devamatha Central School, Vidyaranyapura.Bangalore - 97
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Sanjay Nagar #17, 1st Floor, 3rd Main, 1st Cross, Postal Colony,Sanjay nagar, Bangalore -94
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Basaweshwar Nagar St. Thomas High School, Opp. Ambedkar Stadium,West Of Chard Road, Bangalore - 79
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
HSR layout Lawrence High School, 9th Main, 6th Sector,Behind BDA Complex, H S R Layout,
Bangalore - 102. Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Vijaynagar Siddaganga Public School, 1st Stage,Chandra Layout, Bangalore - 72
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
J.P Nagar #8,1st Floor, 24th Main Road, AboveMoulya Clinic, 7th Phase, Bangalore - 78
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Koramangala #58, 1st Floor, 2nd Main, 5th Block, Koramangala,Bangalore - 95
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Jayanagar MNK Towers, 26th Main Road, II Floor,Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore - 41
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Mysore Ideal Jawa Rotary High School, K R S. Road, Mysore - 05
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Farzer Town Fathima B.Ed Teachers Training Institute,Coles Road, Opp. Reliance Fresh, Bangalore - 05
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Basavanagudi #16, Church Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 04
Contact Ph: 77609-66001
Kalyan Nagar No - 10, 80 Feet Road,HRBR Layout, Opp. toOm Shakthi Temple,
Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore - 560043. Contact Ph: 77609-66001


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